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Hanging Towel - Sunflower Themed

Hanging Towel - Sunflower Themed

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Hanging Sunflower Towel

Introducing our sunflower-themed hanging towel, designed for convenience and style. Its loop design, equipped with a secure button, ensures it stays in place without slipping, making it effortlessly usable. The fabric showcases a charming spring flowers and butterflies print on the head and trim, adding a touch of tropical flair.

Handcrafted with a patch applique featuring intricate sunflower embroidery, this kitchen accessory combines functionality with beauty seamlessly.

Crafted from a blend of 83% cotton and 17% polyester terrycloth, this towel offers a soft, durable, and highly absorbent experience. Treated with antimicrobial properties, it remains fresh for longer periods and is easily maintained through machine washing.

Dimensions: 19 inches x 16 inches

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