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Baby Burp Cloth - Owls

Baby Burp Cloth - Owls

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Please allow for 3-5 days of lead time as each item is custom made.

Baby burp cloth is a small cloth or towel designed to be placed over a parent or caregiver's shoulder when burping a baby. Its main purpose is to protect the adult's clothing from any spit-up or milk that the baby may release during or after feeding. The burp cloth is draped over the shoulder, and when the baby is burped, any mess is caught by the cloth instead of the caregiver's clothes.

Our Burp cloths are made from 100% cotton flour sack, soft, absorbent cloth and come in various cotton trim designs and colors; patch applique embroidered art with handmade cute owls. 

Size approx. 29.5in long and 8.5in large.

They are a practical accessory for parents of infants to help keep both the baby and the caregiver clean and comfortable.

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