About CTK Creativity

In 2021, CTK Creativity emerged in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, as
a small art and craft venture founded by Celia Teizen-Katz. Specializing in a
timeless kitchen essential, FLOUR SACK FABRIC TEA TOWELS, the business reflects
Celia's Brazilian-American heritage and her passion for creativity.


A Brazilian American artist and entrepreneur, draws inspiration from her
upbringing in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Raised by versatile parents, she inherited
sewing skills from her mother, a skilled seamstress. With dual bachelor's
degrees in Tourism and Hotelery, and a master's degree in Human Resources,
Celia's diverse background includes a stint living and working in Germany in
the early 1980s.

Having dedicated a significant portion of her career to McDonald's, both in restaurant management and corporate leadership, Celia achieved the role of Director of Training for Brazil. Her journey led her to Chicago in 2005 through McDonald's X-Pat exchange program, where she met her now husband and later they settled, in Glen Ellyn, with her feline companion (and muse), Kate.

Retiring from McDonald's in 2018, Celia embarked on a new chapter in her life. The inspiration for CTK Creativity struck when she couldn't find the traditional flour sack tea towels from Brazil. Motivated to recreate them, Celia acquired a sewing machine, attended classes, and crafted her first "pano de prato."

"Pano de prato," translating to "cloth of plate," represents a longstanding Brazilian tradition with roots tracing back to ancient times. It graces nearly every kitchen in Brazil, adorning stoves or cabinets. In most Brazilian households, these cloths are not just functional but also serve as decorative elements. Many homes boast several, often received as gifts, quietly resting in drawers alongside those actively in use.

What began as a personal project evolved into a business venture. CTK Creativity debuted in the arts and craft scene in August 2021 at the Glen Ellyn Festival of The Arts. Since then, Celia has transformed flour sack fabric into an array of high-quality, environmentally friendly products, including tea towels, aprons, placemats, chargers, mug rugs, baby burp cloths, key rings, backpack charms, and fabric shopping bags.

The key to CTK Creativity's appeal lies in the use of soft, 100% cotton flour sack fabric—super-absorbent, lint-free, and washable. Celia employs the Patch Applique technique, combining colorful fabrics to create designs inspired by daily life, seasons, hobbies, and pop culture. Each product is a testament to Celia's craftsmanship, featuring machine stitches, embroidery, and handmade details.

Personalization is a hallmark of CTK Creativity, offering customers the opportunity to customize towels, aprons, and shopping bags. Most notably, personalized items often depict beloved pets, making for unique and cherished gifts.

Explore the world of CTK Creativity on this website, where Celia's love and creativity come to life in every carefully crafted piece.

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